“Imagine beyond. Beyond what is known. Beyond limits. Beyond possibility.”

The Founders

Nuno Rivotti

Creative director and project manager with over 20 years of experience in various industries related to entertainment. He has substantial experience in remote team management and business strategies, and his knowledge and expertise in real-time interactive products, video games and Virtual Reality make him a strong asset in the company.

Past Work

    Bluepulse studios / Imaginarium Studios
    Videogame External Producer – Zera and the city of endless night
    Feature Vfx Producer – No game like foxes

    TonkTonk Studios
    Creative director – uFighter

    Koto Studios
    Feature Visual development Director  / Story development – Lusitana ( unreleased feature film )

    3D brothers Studios
    Videogame Project manager / Art Director

    Bigmoon Studios
    Project manager – Jagged alliance:back in action – trapped dead: lockdown

    Trojan Horse was a unicorn THU
    Founder and Creative director

    General Manager / Educational manager / Producer / Art director

    Yellow Mammoth
    Media Creative director / Producer

    PMW Design
    Animation 3D consultant

    Videogame Art director

    VR/AR technical consultant

    Madpuppet studios
    General Manager / Videgame Creative Director / Executive Producer

    NestEgg Studios
    Videogame Art Director

Sergio Caires

Computer graphics supervisor with over 18 years of experience leading and mentoring teams in high profile projects. Sergio is driven by his naturally strong intuition, a sharp eye in all aspects of production, and problem-solving skills. His diverse knowledge and prolific tool development effort richly contributes to Lua Studio’s success.

Mikas Sadauskas

Experienced CG artist and supervisor with in-depth knowledge of IT and programming languages, with over 20 years in the industry his skills have proven invaluable in production. His keen mind for automation and problem-solving skills leads to efficient and innovative working solutions from which Lua highly benefits.

Past Work

Past Work

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