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A project created in collaboration within our hub of talent for self promoting purposes while embracing a worthy cause.

” Dont let your home become a memory! “


Credits to:

– Performance : Ian Hanmore

– Voice: Traci Tufte

– Director: Ben Craig

– Producer: Debbie Ross

– CG Supervisor: Sergio Caires

– Full Credits: Nuno Rivotti, Mikas Saudauskas, Luis Barros, Mark Molnar, Gaspar Gombos,  Janos Gardos, David Metzger, Laszlo Hackl, Zsolt Szabados, Reka Kovacs , Dimitry Kremiansky, Julen Urrutia, Steven Cormann, Jennifer Mackie, Giles Lamb,  Kahl Henderson, Sam Biggs

– Special Thanks: Rachel Nanson, Production Actic, Ray Allan, Jillian Ogilvie, Susie Dumbreck


Companies :  

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In collaboration with Fond Films, Lua created this cute commercial designed to promote the use of canals as an inner city escape areas for recreational use.

Our responsibilities extended from On-set VFX supervision, asset creation and animation, lighting and rendering, through to final delivery of composited frames for grading.


Credits to:

– Director: Ben Craig

– CG Supervisor: Sergio Caires
– Full Credits: Nuno Rivotti, Mikas Saudaukas, Luisa Leitão



Lua Studios is a bright, creative digital entertainment company focusing on making animation, game cinematics and visual FX.

The team specialises in producing creatively driven content aiming for superb high-end quality art, either life-like rendered content in photorealistic or diverse artistic stylised looks. 

We operate in a flexible and secure infrastructure based entirely on the cloud computing platform, with an elastic capacity and agile approach to production, we can efficiently adapt to project scope. 

We are committed to bringing creativity to the world with maximum know-how, quality and efficiency.

But above all, we are made of people who are deeply passionate about what they do.


Nuno Rivotti

Nuno Rivotti

Creative director and project manager with over 20 years of experience in various industries related to entertainment.

With substantial experience in remote team management and business strategies, his knowledge and expertise in real-time interactive products, video games and Virtual Reality makes him a strong asset in the company.